Anti Glare Lens

So now the fireworks show is over, we are fast getting ready for Christmas. As a season of change, we’ve just seen the first falling of snow, which inevitably means a rush to get the scrappers for the cars, and that extra jacket just in case. When it comes to driving, the smallest things can prove the most important. Scrapping the windows of ice would seem sensible, but when were the wipers last changed? As the smeared the windscreen, I realized mine hadn’t been changed for a very long time. The next thing to ask, are you wearing the latest glasses? And are they fitted with an anti-glare coating?

An anti-glare coated lens is what it says on the tin; it cuts out glare that a traditional lens would cause. A standard lens reflects between 5-8% of light, whereas an anti-glare coated lens reflects less than 1%. Now picture that snowy night as you drive home, what would you rather have?

At Eyes Optical, we offer the anti-glare upgrade for as little as £10 extra, well worth it if you ask us.

Picture the same scenario when you’re watching TV. The best movie ever is being shown (or streamed, or downloaded, so much choice these days!) You have an HD TV, beautiful, crisp clarity, what kind of glasses do you want to enjoy the movie with? It’s a no-brainer, why have a fantastic TV, only to be let down by the lenses you use to watch it with?

anti glare glasses

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